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November 29, 2022  Chef Austin Avatar
Tender Loving Airsoft Care

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There are some very important rules for safety when using airsoft guns.

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There are some very important rules for safety when using airsoft guns.

The first caution is to thoroughly read your airsoft gun manual before using the gun. Each airsoft gun is going to have different characteristics for operating it.

After you play with airsoft guns, you should always remove its magazine and switch it back to the mode of single shot. This releases the spring within hthe box. Next you should disconnect the airsoft gun’s battery and clean and lubricate all airsoft guns before storing them.

The inner barrels of the guns should be sprayed with silicone on the hop up if you’ve used them extensively.

There are maintenance tips specific to gas operated air soft guns. With these pistols you must clean all dirt off their mechanisms, release the gas that remains in the magazine, and lubricate most areas of the gun.

When you fill gas airsoft gun magazines, do it the proper way. Invert the gas as you fill the magazine. If you’re unsure consult the user manual and follow the illustrations and instructions carefully.

Make sure you don’t use too much gas in your airsoft guns. If you overfill the magazine or their seals could be damaged and this could result in gas leakage. The standard amount is a charge of only 2-3 seconds.

The magazine of these gas airsoft guns could get quite cold after they are used a lot. What this will do is decrease the guns power. If this happens wait for 10 minutes before continuing your play so that your airsoft gun’s magazine can warm up.


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