Sage Turkey Zucchini Fritters

November 28, 2023  Happy Chef Avatar
Sage Turkey Zucchini Fritters

Turkey Zucchini Fritters: A Delicious Meal for Any Time of Day

Turkey and zucchini make for an ideal flavorful combination and you can enjoy it any time of day with turkey zucchini fritters. This easy to make dish will be a hit with the entire family and is sure to be a hit with everyone. Whether you are looking for a midday snack, light dinner, or a late night treat, these fritters are an ideal alternative.

The combination of turkey and zucchini in these fritters provides a great flavor that creates the perfect balance between savory and sweet. The turkey is slightly salty, providing the perfect base for the zucchini, which adds a subtle sweet flavor and brings the flavor of this dish all together. In addition to the flavor, turkey and zucchini are both known for being relatively low in fat, so not only do you get all the delicious flavor, but this meal is also a healthy option that is sure to be a hit with health conscious eaters of all ages.

The best part of these turkey zucchini fritters is that they can be customized to suit your needs. Want more protein? Add some diced ham or turkey bacon. Want a little extra sweetness? You can add some bell pepper or carrots. In addition to being able to customize the filling, these fritters can be served up in a variety of ways. Serve them with a side of ranch dressing or hot sauce, make them into a wrap, or enjoy them on their own. No matter what your tastes are, you are sure to enjoy these tasty turkey zucchini fritters.

Ready to give this recipe a try? Let’s get started!


-1 lb ground turkey
-2 medium zucchini, shredded
-1 onion, diced
-3 cloves garlic, minced
-2 eggs
-1/2 cup breadcrumbs
-1/2 cup parmesan cheese, grated
-1 teaspoon salt
-1 teaspoon black pepper
-3 tablespoons olive oil


1. In a large bowl, combine turkey, zucchini, onion, garlic, eggs, breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and mix until evenly combined.

2. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat.

3. Use a large scoop to portion the turkey zucchini mixture into the hot skillet. Flatten each scoop of mixture with the back of a spoon.

4. Cook for about 3 minutes, before flipping each fritter and cooking for an additional 2-3 minutes, or until golden brown and cooked throughout.

5. Remove from heat and add to a plate lined with a paper towel to absorb any excess grease.

6. Serve hot with your favorite condiment or side dish. Enjoy!

Turkey zucchini fritters make a perfect light dinner, late night snack, or side dish to pair with a meal. They are tasty, can be customized to your tastes, and are fairly healthy, so you can feel good about eating something you love. With this easy to make recipe, you can now make this delicious meal any time the craving strikes and share with the whole family.

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