Philippine Breakfast Tortilla, Fried Ova & Black Beans Through Salsa Recipe

Eggs for breakfast are a staple in many household. Breakfast eggs are mostly, omelettes, scrambled or some even make fried eggs and poached eggs. To make breakfast a little more fancier, I am going to present to you a Mexican breakfast burritos.

Yes tortillas wrapped with goodness. Like any other tortillas, this breakfast tortilla is filled with big flavours, textures and deliciousness. It is made of refried bean, guacamole, fried eggs with runny yolk and some fresh tomato salsa too. This breakfast dish is perfect for the go. Wrap it and carry it along with you.

Serve Mexican Breakfast Tortilla, Fried Eggs & Black Beans With Salsa on its own for a healthy and delicious breakfast with Banana Papaya Smoothie .

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