How to cut chicken wings

January 25, 2023  Chef Austin Avatar
How to cut chicken wings

Cut up chicken wing

Here in Australia, chicken wings are usually sold whole rather than cut into drumettes and wingettes. While this recipe can be used for whole chicken wings, I prefer to cut them to make them easier to eat.

Here is how I cut chicken wings. The knife just glides through the joints – you won’t need to use any force or bang the knife with your hand to cut it through. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really fast. It takes me around 2 minutes to cut up 2 kg / 4 lb of wings – and I’m no knife wizard!

How to cut chicken wings
  1. Pick up the drumette end of the wing and hold the wing to form a “V”. Holding the wing this way stretches the joint open, making it easier for the knife to glide through the joint.

  2. Cut vertically through the joint. Don’t use too much force, you knife will find the path of least resistance because the joint is stretched open.

  3. This here is your drumette. Named as such because it looks like a min drumstick!

  4. Now repeat for the wing tip – hold it in a “V” to stretch open the joint.

  5. Cut straight down through the base of the “V”.

  6. You’ve now cut the wing tip (the smallest part) off the wingette. And that’s it! You’re done!

Reserve the wing tips to make chicken stock…. though in my case, they usually go straight into Dozer’s mouth…..

Chicken wings recipes

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