Cheesy Bacon Keto Pie

May 8, 2023  Happy Chef Avatar
Cheesy Bacon Keto Pie

Pies make some of the most delicious desserts and savory dishes around the world. From Australian lamingtons to Mexican empanadas, each culture puts it’s unique spin on the classic dish. Now, the latest trend in pie-making is the Cheesy Bacon Keto Pie, a deliciously decadent combination of cheesy goodness and bacon-y crunch.

In each bite, you’ll get the rich, savory flavor of bacon combined with a creamy, cheesy filling. Plus, it fits in perfectly to the keto diet. If you’re looking for a way to indulge your taste buds in a healthy way, the Cheesy Bacon Keto Pie is for you.

It’s incredibly easy to make, and requires just a few ingredients. Plus, the baking process takes no longer than 20 minutes, so you can whip it up in a jiffy.


-1 ½ cup almond flour

-2 tablespoons butter

-1 teaspoon salt

-7oz bacon

-2 eggs

-1 onion, finely chopped

-1 red bell pepper, finely chopped

-2 cloves of garlic, finely minced

-8oz shredded cheese (cheddar or mozzarella or a combination of both)

-4oz cream cheese

-1 cup cream

-Salt and pepper to taste

-Fresh parsley, chopped


1. Preheat your oven to 350°F.

2. Combine the almond flour, butter, and salt in a bowl. Use your hands to mix everything together until the mixture has a crumbly texture.

3. Spread the crust mixture into the bottom and sides of a pie pan.

4. Bake the crust for 15 minutes, or until it starts to turn golden brown.

5. While the crust is baking, cook the bacon in a skillet over medium heat until it’s crispy. Set aside the bacon on a paper towel-lined plate.

6. Drain most of the fat from the skillet, then add the onions, bell pepper, garlic, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook everything until the vegetables are tender.

7. In a medium bowl, whisk together the eggs, ¼ cup of the shredded cheese, and the cream cheese.

8. Once the crust is done baking, spread the vegetable mixture over the bottom. Pour the egg mixture over the vegetables, spreading evenly.

9. Top the pie with crumbled bacon and the remaining cheese.

10. Bake the pie in the oven for 20 minutes, or until the center is set.

11. Let the pie cool before slicing and serving.

12. Garnish the pie with fresh parsley, if desired.

The Cheesy Bacon Keto Pie is the perfect party dish or easy-to-make dinner. Packed with protein and flavor, this dish will be a hit with your guests and family. With only a few simple ingredients, you can make a crowd-pleasing dish in no time. Plus, with its low-carb content and cheese-y, bacon goodness, it’s sure to be a hit with anyone who adheres to the keto diet. Serve it with a light side salad and dinner is served.

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