Quick and Easy

Chorizo chickpea stew (quick!)

This chickpea stew owes its speed and deliciousness to chorizo. It injects a stack of flavour into the thick sauce,

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Pearl Couscous Salad

Pearl couscous is the giant form of the more common tiny couscous. Also known as gourmet and Israeli couscous, it’s like

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Honey Soy Wings

Everybody loves a good sticky wing! These baked Honey Soy wings are a copycat of the popular pre-marinated chicken wings

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Jerk Fish – for Jamaican week!

Welcome to Jamaican week!🏝 Kicking off our Caribbean feast with Jerk Fish – pan-fried fish coated with Jamaican jerk seasoning

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One Pot Mexican Chicken and Rice

Chicken and rice – loaded with Mexican flavours! This Mexican Chicken and Rice brings together your favourite Mexican Red Rice

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Chicken in Creamy Mustard Sauce

Everybody will love this Chicken in Creamy Mustard Sauce. It’s just 4 base ingredients – chicken breast or thighs, cream,

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Spicy Firecracker Beef

This is a thrifty yet excellent dinner for all those times you need to scratch your Spicy Asian Food itch,

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Chilli lime fish

Pan-seared chunks of white fish are coated in a syrupy, spicy lime sauce in this dish based on pla tort

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Chicken sandwiches – gatherings, picnics, lunches!

Never underestimate the power of great chicken sandwiches! Excellent platter for gatherings, picnics and work lunches. My secrets? Fresh dill,

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Table Grapes Are In Season

If you thought table grapes were the same all year round, it's time to have a taste test. If you

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