Annual Christmas Selfie (Fail) 2022

December 24, 2022  Chef Austin Avatar
Annual Christmas Selfie (Fail) 2022

Nagi Dozer Christmas selfie 2022

It’s that time of the year again: the annual Nagi-Dozer Christmas Selfie (Fail!). Intentions were better than usual. Execution was about the same. Take a peek in my camera roll!

Annual Christmas Selfie (fail) 2022

Every year I swear to myself that this is the year I’m going to plan and take a FABULOUS Christmas photo of Dozer and myself to share with you.

There was chatter about it. Ideas were thrown around. Scouted around online for Dozer Christmas outfits. There was even talk about sneaking Dozer into the shopping centre to use the Santa set!

Then here we are on Christmas Eve, and as I have every other year, I’ve found myself in a fluster, stuck for ideas for a creative, fun photo. So as I do every year, I just grabbed my iPhone, grabbed Dozer, used some chicken as bait and started snapping away.

Here’s what went down!

A peek in my camera roll

Challenge #1: sleepy model. 2 hours at the beach will do that to you.

Nagi Dozer Christmas selfie 2022

Solution attempt: I’ll lie down next to him! Except…. not so Christmas cheery with a dozing Dozer beside me….

Nagi Dozer Christmas selfie 2022

Getting hot and sunny outside – let’s try it indoors. Except…. model is feeling slothy. Let me try to heave him up for the shot…….

Nagi Dozer Christmas selfie 2022

Mmmm nope. Not happening, just looks like exactly what’s happening – me trying to haul up a 40kg dog!! Try again…..

Nagi Dozer Christmas selfie 2022

Oomph. He’s too heavy! I can’t.

Starting to get frustrated…….

Nagi Dozer Christmas selfie 2022

….wondering if all I’ll have to share with you is his hat peeking out from behind the kitchen bench…..

Nagi Dozer Christmas selfie 2022

…….or maybe some excellent snaps of one of his best features:

Then at last! With the help of a little chicken, he finally popped up just as the timer went off!

Nagi Dozer Christmas Selfie 2022 main

YAY – an acceptable photo to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! Wishing you happy holidays filled with delicious food!

I’ll be taking some time out for the next few days but I will be back after Christmas to share something special to ring in the new year. Any urgent recipe questions, please leave them on the recipe in the comments section as I will check in occasionally.

Merry Christmas!!!

Lots of love,

Nagi & Dozer x

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