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Inko's White Tea, Wonder or Washout?
by naterawer

White Tea apparently has anti-cancer properties.  until such is proven, the success of drinks such as these comes down to the following, in no specific order:
I like inko's drink, too.  it is smooth to the palate and favorably lacks any harsh undesirable aftertaste that many similar teas possess ( see: the republic of tea is crap -- http://tasteslikehappy.com/?tasty&38 )
I like inko's bottle.  I bought it to try something new, and I like the asian inspired label.  Inko is heavy on pushing the healthy aspects of it's beverage, a rather-proven successful technique as of late.  the bottle itself gleems this web address: healthywhitetea.com as if it is the only company making white tea drinks (it's not.)
 * conclusion:
Inko's White Tea White Peach : recommended; will buy again for a lunchtime treat (it was nearly $3...)
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